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We welcome guest posts from both casual writers and professional bloggers who are interested in contributing to our blog and share useful information to our readers about climate change, sustainable living and coping with global warming.


Please take a moment to read some of our requirements and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

We mostly cover the following themes

  • Global warming phenomena (scientific research only)

  • Climate change impacts and risks (on people, cities, companies, countries..;)

  • Sustainable living

  • Eco-friendly lifestyle and tips

  • Green habits (energy-efficient technologies, zero waste practice...)

  • Carbon footprint and reducing carbon emissions

  • Climate anxiety and ways to cope with it

  • Climate resilience and climate coping

  • Home and life improvement to feel less impacted by climate change

Content requirements

  • Content should be well documented and 100% original

  • Article length should be at least 700 words

  • We accept different writing styles, but the writing should be reader-friendly, interactive, and easy to follow

  • You need to provide the source link of all the images

  • Captions and Alt Text for images are appreciated

  • Please provide an appropriate reference link for any claim or statistical data mentioned within the content

  • You may include a professional author bio with your content

  • You may present your project / company / website with one link if it is relevant to the content of the article

  • Only one link is allowed in the author’s bio section

  • We don’t accept republished content (not 100% original)

Content formatting guidelines

  • 1 post title between 5 and 10 words preferably

  • 1 short intro

  • 1 picture (should be royalty-free, 16:9 format and at least 1200px resolution in width)

  • 1 summary of the content (TLDR, for Too Long Didn't Read)

  • Clearly defined parts with one title for each

  • The sources and links can be linked within the content

  • Images and infographics are appreciated

  • At least 700 words

Submit your article online

You can either submit your idea to us first, or directly send us your written article via email at climatecoping@gmail.com

You can submit your article directly in the email, or in a document (Word and Google Docs accepted).

When submitting an article to Climate Coping it is important to know that not every article will be published. We can however guarantee that any content submitted will be carefully reviewed by our editors. By submitting an article you also accept our Terms & Conditions, as well as agree to any edits we might make to the content so it fits our theme, message, and overall brand values. Articles published on our site are owned by Climate Coping, and therefore you are not permitted to re-publish that unique content anywhere else online without the approval of one of our editors.

Therefore, we reserve the right to:

  • Decline any submitted article (we will do our best to offer feedback on why a submission was rejected)

  • Modify the titles, headers or general content to better connect with readers

  • Edit an article to correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure or anything else that would help improve our reader’s experience.

If anything you read was confusing or if you still have questions about submitting an article to Climate Coping, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help in any way we can and sincerely look forward to reviewing your submissions!