Watering Sprinkler Nozzle [Plastic]

Watering Sprinkler Nozzle [Plastic]


Rather than buying a watering can for your house and balcony plants, we offer you an alternative that will require less materials and therefore fewer resources of the Earth to be produced. This nozzle is made of plastic, but less than if you were to buy a new watering can. Instead, it fits on all the bottles you may have at home to reduce the space you need.

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  • Its fine rain watering mode allows you to gently water both new and old plantings, without moving the soil and risking expoasing the roots, or worse, dislodging the seeds.

    This plastic accessory is therefore a small concession to the zero-plastic movement, but one that allows you to work for the growth of your own food. You can't always reconcile all environmental causes.

    Material: Plastic


    - Watering roses which simply screw on to old plastic bottles

    - Provides delicate and directional watering

    - Perfect for seeds and seedlings

    - Household simple cap type sprinkler head PP material.

    - Two ways of water: sprinkler head and DC head, with a small hole, the water evenly, to facilitate control of water.

    - Cap diameter of about 2.8cm, suitable for most beverage bottles.

    - Product size: 9.5 x 6.5 x 5.4cm, the outer diameter of the interface 3.1cm diameter 2.8cm

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