Smart US Sock [Wifi & Voice Control]

Smart US Sock [Wifi & Voice Control]


This smart sock will help you control your home appliances in order to save energy. You can control it with your voice through Alexa or Google Home, and through your smartphone (before coming back from holidays for example). You can also program hours to shut it off. 

Please check additional information before ordering!

  • Features:

    1. Can set schedules to automatically power on or off your home electronics and appliances at anytime

    2. Can limit your children's computer time with the timer function

    3. You can control with your smart phone 

    4. You can remote control your home electronics through internet at anytime and anywhere. So you no longer need to worry about whether you forgot to switch off something before leaving your home.

    5. It is easy to instal and handle.

    6. It is compatible with smart phones running on Android and IOS. Also, it is compatible with Alexa and Goole Home for voice control.

    Surge Protector: Yes

    Overload Protection: Yes

    Outlets Number: 1

    WIFI: Yes

    Rated Current: 10A

    Rated Power: 2200W

    Rated Voltage: 100-240V

    Size: 50*50*52mm

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