Grow Bags [Plant Fiber] 10gal/38L

Grow Bags [Plant Fiber] 10gal/38L


These grow bags are ideal to grow your own fruits and vegetables, especially root vegetables such as potatoes. Whether you only have a balconny, or a garden, you can use these bags to be more flexible and be able to relocate the plants during the seasons.

Please check additional information before ordering!

  • The grow bag has three vents to facilitate plant ventilation and allows roots to breathe and grow healthier, which boosts vegetables growth and yields. In addition it prevents roots from circling, decreases the risk of transplant shock, as well as remove excess water.

    The grow bag has a window in the lower part, through which you can check whether your plant is mature but also you can easily harvest roots without having to dig in the soil.

    The grow bag double-layer design is environmentally friendly and durable, and can be used repeatedly. Look forward to your harvest this year and in the future!

    3 Colors: Brown, Green, Black

    Size : 30*35 cm

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