Folding Solar Panels for Smartphones

Folding Solar Panels for Smartphones


If you don't have room for solar panels at home, these small portable panels will allow you to produce free energy for your small devices (smartphone, tablet ...). You will thus reduce your energy bill and can take your free energy with you wherever you go.
Please check additional information before ordering!

  • These high quality solar panels have a high efficiency power conversion.  They include a compass hook for the adventurers. The sunlight directly charges your electrionic devices. They fold easily to be taken wherever.

    The planels include a built-in micro USB, along with an usb plug in order to adapt to most devices. There is however no built-in battery (which you might want to add in order to store energy as you travel)

    Size: 153x75x25mm, expand 520mm.
    Color: black
    charger: solar panel 4 folding is 8W, 5 folding 10W.
    Input voltage: 5V/2A
    Output current: 5V/2A

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