40*Seedling Soil Block [Copra & Peat]

40*Seedling Soil Block [Copra & Peat]


To help you grow your own food, these compressed patties of dried coconut albumen (copra) and peat swell in the presence of water to become the perfect receptacle for your promising little seeds.Place the patties in water for 3 minutes to allow the copra and peat to swell. Then plant the seed directly on the open side. In a few days or weeks you will see the new shoots coming out.

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  • These patties are ideal for seeds because they allow the substrate to breathe well, retain water well, and the roots penetrate effortlessly. You can then plant them directly into the ground when the shoot reaches a few centimetres high. Then wait for this small plant to grow big and give you all the fruits and vegetables you can dream of.

    Material: Plant Fiber

    Type: Nursery Pots

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