2*Reusable Swabs [Silicone]

2*Reusable Swabs [Silicone]


These swabs are better for the environment as they can be reused multiple times. They are made of silicone, soft and comfortable, suitable for cleaning the ears and applying makeup. 

Please check additional information before ordering!

  • Well these are swabs, you know them. But they are not your usual single-use swabs. They are made of silicone and can be reused again, and again, and again, etc (just rinse them).


    1. Made of super soft silicone, it is very delicate and suitable for all parts of the body. It is a must for makeup.

    2. This product can effectively remove dirt, grease, and can also be used as a cosmetic tool. It can be reused after cleaning.

    3. The product is light in weight and easy to carry. 

    Package Includes:
    2 x Cotton Swabs
    1 x Storage Box

    Size: one size

    Color: pink, green, light pink, black,purple


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